Q & A’s

Dorrington House 24hr Helpline

Getting access to care is going to be harder over the next 18 months. If you have any problems or need more information contact: Dorrington House directly.

Pressure to find and fund a bed during discharge from Hospital

Can I still have an assessment even if I am a self funder? Yes you can! However you will have to fund your care, but you decide on the Carehome.

For further advice, call 07775-614200 or e-mail care@dorrington-house.co.uk anytime 24/7

Social Services or your local County Councillor. Details are listed on their website www.norfolk.gov.uk and go to Adult Services or Councillors and type in your post code.


You can always e-mail us if you are not sure, email: care@dorrington-house.co.uk