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Advice when considering someone going into care

A care home does not always mean long term care. We offer support for carers who may need a break for a day or too, or simply just to get some sleep, perhaps a special occasion, or even a couple of hours whilst they do the shopping. As this website is further developed, we can offer advice and useful links for carers and their families, even before they consider a care home for support.

Funding Care

This can be a complex subject. Please visit our useful links,
Age Uk is a good place to start. For existing self funded residents, we recommend you approach us before you reach within three months of the Socail Services lower limit £23,250.00 The process of assessment with Social Services can take three months.

Discharge from Hospital

Self funders may contact Dorrington House directly 07775-614200 for advice, Social Services referrals can also, however Social Services will require a financial and needs assessment. If not sure and under pressure, call or e-mail us for further advice.

You can call Steve Dorrington 07775 614200 for more funding details.

Please feel free to call Steven Dorrington 07775 614200 anytime..

For further information please visit:  Useful Links