Razzamatazz visits Dorrington House Dereham!

Razzamatazz visits Dorrington House Dereham
for another musical performance!

On Thursday 27th September 2018 we welcomed back Razzamatazz (Carolyn) for another musical performance at Dorrington House Dereham!

Carolyn entertained residents by singing old fashioned songs,

our residents had the opportunity to take over the microphone and sing along!

Musical entertainment in the main dining room at Dorrington House Dereham!

Entertainer Carolyn and Resident Sally both enjoying some musical entertainment at Dorrington House Dereham!

Musical instruments were provided by Carolyn, these ranged from tambourines to maracas in all shapes and sizes!

Residents filled up the main dining room for the performance, whilst enjoying a hot drink and listening to the music!

Some residents had a dance with carers, others waved their musical instruments and some sang into the microphone!

Entertainer Carolyn is always very engaging with our residents, and we look forward to booking her again in the future.

Resident Patricia enjoying her moment on the microphone while also shaking her maracca to the music. Next to her is Entertainer Carolyn who visited Dorrington House Dereham!Resident Patricia having a sing song. Entertainer Carolyn performed old fashioned songs that were familiar to residents which encouraged them to take over the microphone!

Entertainer Carolyn passing the microphone to Resident Betty as part of Razzamatazzs musical performance at Dorrington House Dereham!Resident Peter taking over the microphone at Dorrington House Dereham. Entertainer Carolyn encouraged all residents to have a go on the microphone but some preferred not to!

Razzamatazz visits Dorrington House Dereham for a musical performance in the main dining room!

Carer Joy and resident Sally having a dance to the music other residents relax and enjoy their hot drinks at Dorrington House Dereham!

Resident Sally and Carer Joy having a dance. Resident Betty is on the microphone singing along!

Peter having a sing song while in the background residents listen enjoying a cup of tea. At the same time Resident Ann and Carer Joy have a dance!

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