Shelley visits Dorrington House Wells for another one of her extend exercise activity with residents!

Extend Exercise with Shelley

Shelley and Eric enjoying the Extend Exercise class!

On 1st August 2017 we welcomed Shelley back with her invigorating exercise themed, sing-along session!

Our upstairs lounge was packed with residents, the session started with some gentle arm exercises while singing along to old fashioned songs.

Next the tambourines came out, with the old classic ‘you are my sunshine’ playing along in the background, the majority of residents were shaking their tambourines away to the beat and singing at the top of their lungs!

The rest of the session consisted of familiar old fashioned songs, more singing and Shelley bouncing around the room! One of our residents Sidney said “Corr I’m going to sleep after this!”

Shelley gets everyone involved and encourages the residents to move every inch of their body as much as possible. Arm exercises/leg exercises from the chair are a fun way to incorporate a low impact cardiovascular workout for the residents, which is great for their circulation.

Shelley and her extend exercise class, visit all three of our Dorrington House care homes, because we think she really engages well with our residents and makes a difference to their day.

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Extend Exercise activity with Shelley at Dorrington House Wells!

Shelley getting those arms high at Dorrington House Wells!

Shelley and her extend exercise at Dorrington House Wells!

Susan and Eric at Dorrington House Wells!

Looking good Raymond!

Doreen and her tambourine, at Dorrington House Wells!

Leg exercises!

Louis and Margaret shaking their tambourines!

Extend exercise activity with Shelley at Dorrington House Wells!

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