Watton’s visit from Banham Zoo

Last month Banham Zoo came to Dorrington House, Watton and with them they brought several different animal species, as well as animal furs and even an ostrich egg. The residents were able to have a feel of the different animals furs and if they wanted to and were brave enough were able to hold some of the exotic animals, including a python! It was an entertaining fun afternoon thoroughly enjoyed by all residents. Here’s a few photo’s from the afternoon.

Resident's Iris, Pauline and Mary have a look and feel of an ostrich feather and a giant ostrich egg!

Resident Ron C being brave and stroking a live python which had been brought along for a visit by Banham Zoo, pictures in the backgound resident Nellie looking not too sure about touching it

Resident Iris' face really says it all!

Resident Joan S holding a millipede which had been brought in along by Banham Zoo for a visit along with several other animals

Click here to check out our gallery for more photos of Dorrington House Watton!

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